NEW! Releases Staff Care for Managers Course to Promote Healthy Teams in Complex Environments

March 12, 2014 Bob Nutting

The team has released a new online course for managers and team leaders—especially those who manage humanitarian programs or lead teams in complex field environments. Staff Care for Managers familiarizes managers with situations they may encounter and guides them to make critical decisions to lead teams effectively.

This new 1-hour online course is available for free at Upon completion of this course, managers and team leaders in complex environments will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the key reasons for supporting staff
  • Recognize the importance of remaining healthy yourself
  • Recognize the importance of your role in helping the team stay effective to get jobs done Identify the ways by which you may destroy your leadership
  • Identify the factors to consider to maintain a healthy workplace
  • Recognize the importance of knowing your staff and how to intervene in critical situations
  • Identify the qualities of a great leader

Managers and team leaders face two major challenges in the field: (1) leading an effective team, and (2) keeping themselves safe and healthy. The highest productivity comes from teams that are working toward a common goal, well supported, and are encouraged to take good care of themselves. Effective managers understand there is a strong connection between good leadership and good staff care.

We partnered with John Fawcett, an international staff care expert and independent consultant with 20 years’ experience leading staff care initiatives in complex humanitarian contexts, to develop the topics for this course which include:

  • How to remain healthy yourself
  • Assessing your wellness
  • Factors affecting decisions
  • The stress spiral and responding to stress
  • Tips on leading teams and encouraging staff to stay healthy
  • Sure-fire ways to destroy leadership
  • How to maintain a healthy workplace
  • How to respond when things start to slide
  • Scenario: The Last 10 days (observing changes in your team and learning how to intervene)
  • Printable resources and links to Internet sites for additional learning

John Fawcett also partnered with to develop our Wellness Briefing course—released in 2013. Managers are encouraged to complete that course first as a foundation for this new Staff Care for Managers course. Register today to complete these courses and become better prepared to lead your teams in your next engagement.

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