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May 15, 2015 Alec Green

When I drive into the office, I typically listen to National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.  I can’t remember the last time I heard three stories on the humanitarian aid sector within the course of my short commute. Two of the stories were centered around the ongoing relief efforts in Nepal.  One reports on a study of the long-term economic impact of global aid.  Give them a read or listen below:

Aid Workers Ramp Up Efforts In Nepal Before Monsoon Season

Caroline Brennan, Senior Communications Officer with Catholic Relief Services talks about the challenges of delivering emergency relief supplies to families in the remote Gorkha District.  She also shares a chilling account of how she and her colleagues in Kathmandu are dealing with the constant tremors and the recent 7.3 magnitude aftershock: “There is a heavy sense of trauma that everyone is carrying with them.”  

Missing Marine Helicopter is Found in Nepal

A Marine helicopter carrying six U.S. Marines and two Nepali servicemen disappeared Tuesday on a humanitarian aid delivery mission in Nepal.  The wreckage was found Friday 8 miles north of the U.S. staging area in Charikot, Nepal.

What It Takes to Lift Families Out of Poverty

Dean Karlan, Economics Professor at Yale University, reported on the results of a new study on the long-term impact of global aid programs.  Karlan and his colleagues conducted the equivalent of a randomized control trial – providing various forms of aid and training to some families and providing nothing to the others.  Karlan then followed the families over time to measure the change in income and health outcomes.  In general, the group that was given aid did increase their income compared to the control group, even one year after the aid was given.


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