Introducing Open Badges

July 13, 2015 Atish Gonsalves

Throughout history, badges have been an effective means of both motivating behavior and recognizing the credentials of individuals within a group.  Within the field of education, Mozilla Foundation established Open Badges in 2011 to recognize learning, know-how, achievements, skills and attitudes.

Although relatively new, millions of badges have already been issued around the world. Soon you’ll start seeing more and more opportunities to earn badges through education, volunteering, and in the workplace. Open Badges are highly valuable for learners as well as for organizations. They can use them to set goals, build learning paths or to engage students or employees.

Open Badges are also easily transferrable across organizations and across learning platforms.  Today, learners in a number of fields use badges much the same way they use currency. Badges serve as portable credentials to be earned in one learning context and recognized in another.  Rather than printing out your certificates from one online learning management system, open badges serve as portable credentials as you move along your chosen career path. has partnered with Discendum, a Finnish company specializing in eLearning environments and Open Badges, to issue badges for learning packs completed on DisasterReady.

In the initial rollout, we will use Discendum's Open Badge Factory to enable the design, issue and management of Open Badges.

Beginning today, learners can earn Open Badges in DisasterReady by completing any one of our learning pathways or “Learning Packs:”

The partnership with Discendum will also enable you to manage your badges through Open Badge Passport. Open Badge Passport (OBP) is a free, easy-to-use service, where you can receive and store your Open Badges safely and share them with whomever you like and wherever you like. You can use your OBP to manage your DisasterReady badges as well as badges from other humanitarian learning providers, including UNICEF, MSF and Oxfam. Open Badge

With OBP you can also share your Open Badges on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can even create a CV around them. Take pride in your achievements and build a versatile and interesting gallery of your skills and know-how with Open Badge Passport!

We are excited to make Open Badges part of the DisasterReady learning experience. To get started, create your free account in Open Badge Passport.  And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to complete all the required courses in one  (or more) of the four learning packs listed above.  You will be on your way to earning multiple open badges and sharing your achievements with the broader humanitarian community.



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