Featured Courses

Our team works together with leading humanitarian agencies who share their courses with the portal or work closely with us to co-develop relevant new content. We will continue to develop and expand our catalogue in key areas relevant to relief and development.

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Humanitarian Essentials

These courses explore the fundamental principles and aspects of delivering aid and promoting human welfare in the context of humanitarian relief and development. Topics include: Accountability in Humanitarian Action, Protection, International Law, Human Principles and Standards, Conflict Management and Peace Building, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse/Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SEA/SGBV), and Diversity Mainstreaming.

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Technical Sectors

These courses explore the functional logistics of relief and development operations in the field. Topics include: Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Risk Reduction, Health, Water/Sanitation/Hygiene, Shelter, Food Security & Nutrition, Education in Emergencies, Results-Based Program Management, and Psychosocial Support.

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Program Support

These courses focus on training for services such as Information Management, Human Resources, Logistics and Communications that provide support to aid workers and programs.

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Safety and Security

These courses explore the safety and security measures necessary for humanitarian workers to effectively perform their roles in insecure and unsafe environments.

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Personal Development

These courses explore the personal attributes and interpersonal abilities that enable success within organizations and the communities they serve. Topics include: Communication Skills, Language Skills, Management, Leadership, & Team Building, and Professional Skills & Project Management.

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