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Free Protection Training and Courses

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Here are a few of our most popular courses on protection


Child Protection

Save the Children

This video introduces the meaning of child protection in a humanitarian emergency. It highlights some key points to remember before responding to an emergency and key humanitarian principles for ensuring a child’s protection.


Comprehensive Accessible Humanitarian Assistance for Older People and People with Disabilities

Age & Disability Capacity Building Programme (ADCAP)

It is important to protect the elderly during emergency response and ensure they are a priority for help. Learn how to plan and enhance assistance, safety, and dignity for older people and people with disabilities in your programs.

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Introduction to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse


Learn the steps organizations take to address Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) by understanding what it is, the international standards endorsed by NGOs, and creating a code of conduct to prevent and respond to incidents of SEA.

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