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Here are a few of our most popular cash and voucher assistance courses


Implementing a Successful Voucher Program

Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation

Using a voucher program can give beneficiaries greater choice when buying things they need. Learn the keys to developing and designing a successful voucher program and, through an interactive simulation, you can practice what you learn in a humanitarian crisis situation.


A Practical Guide to Market Analysis

International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Cash Learning Partnership (CALP)

This course will guide you through the common steps within market assessments, using a fictional emergency scenario as an example.


Introduction to Market Analysis

International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)

This online course introduces the analysis of markets in emergency contexts, with input from some of the world’s leading thinkers on the topic. Learn why markets are important in the lives of people affected by disasters and take a closer look at the market assessment process.

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