Access nine online learning resources chosen by an expert in Results-Based Protection.

Are you working to enhance protection in humanitarian crises and frustrated by the lack of measurable and meaningful outcomes? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the complex and ever-changing risk patterns in your specific context? The free resources in this Playlist—chosen by Jenny McAvoy, InterAction's Director of Protection—can help you integrate results-based methods and practices into your protection analysis, program design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation to achieve protection outcomes. 

You will learn three key elements of Results-Based Protection:

  • Continuous, context-specific analysis
  • Outcome-oriented methods
  • Design for contribution

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This Playlist was developed by Jenny McAvoy, InterAction's Director of Protection, in coordination with Keri Baughman, Project Coordinator. Playlists are collections of learning resources recommended by your peers and experts on key topics in the sector. You can take one or more resources in a playlist based on your interest and at your own pace. Learn more about Playlists in DisasterReady.



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