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DisasterReady.org is an online learning platform built to better prepare humanitarian and development professionals for the critical work they do by providing high-quality, relevant online learning resources at no cost. DisasterReady is provided in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

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Core Professional Humanitarian Training and Certification

DisasterReady has partnered with Humanitarian U to provide an essential certification in core humanitarian skills, at no cost to you

The Core Professional Humanitarian Training and Certification program is designed for aid workers at all levels to demonstrate competence as a humanitarian professional.

All four courses to help you prepare for certification are now available in DisasterReady.

Humanitarian Context, Systems and Standards
Cross-Cutting Themes and Future Directions
Building Blocks for Humanitarian Practice
Case Study: Online Disaster Response Simulation

After November 25, 2019, the exams for each course will allow you to achieve and maintain certification for free.

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Achieving certification can advance your career, improve your organization, and strengthen your effectiveness as a professional. We strongly believe this partnership will enhance your accessibility to education and enrich your professional development, all at no cost to you.

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